Controlled and effective compression to suit your legs

HIGHLIGHT stockings will make a noticeable differenceto your legs. They support the flow of blood back from the legs to the heart by means 
of graduatedcompression, keeping your legs light and healthy.

They are based on a clinically proven concept, with pressure being the strongest at the ankle and becoming gradually less going up the leg.

Balanced Compression Level

Our stockings are divided into three compression levels – mild, balanced and intense – depending on the required compression effect.

HIGHLIGHT stockings belong to the balanced compression level. They help at the first signs of venous insufficiency such as the feeling of heavy, tired legs or slight swelling of the legs in the evenings.

Studies have also revealed that wearing HIGHLIGHT stockings can have a positive impact on the progression of chronic vein problems.* This makes them the ideal prevention product.

* Kostas TI.; Ioannou CV.; Drygiannakis I.; Georgakarakos E.; Kounos C.; Tsetis D.; et al.: Chronic venous disease progression and modification of predisposing factors. J Vasc Surg 2010: 51/4: 900-7.

HIGHLIGHT is the perfect choice if you

Benefits of wearing graduated compression stockings

Since she started wearing HIGHLIGHT for women to work, hairdresser Francesca Vellone has said goodbye to swollen legs in the evening (doktor stutz 05/2015).

Wow effect against tired legs

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